The goal of the faculty of natural and agricultural Sciences in the field of quality management:

  1. Training of highly qualified, competitive specialists (at least 100) required in the field of natural Sciences and in various fields of education on the basis of a modern system of continuous development of training;

  2. Improving the scientific and professional qualifications of the teaching staff in order to increase the number of teachers with a scientific degree and title, ensuring that they pass the institutes of advanced education (1 Defense of a doctoral dissertation and the passage of 10 teachers of institutes of advanced training);

  3. Increasing the confidence of the management and the entire University staff in the quality implementation of the quality requirements;

  4. Improving the level and quality of methodological support of the educational process in accordance with the requirements of the state mandatory standard of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan (annually issuing at least 1-2 textbooks or manuals and more than 3 teaching AIDS);

  5. An increase in the number of applicants entering the relevant specialties based on the forms and methods of career guidance, advertising, and campaigning work during the admission process (an increase in the number of applicants of at least 15%);

  6. Introduction and improvement of modern information and communication technologies and new equipment, development of material and technical base opening of specialized laboratories for the study of water, air SWAPTEL, soil, providing the University teaching staff with electronic textbooks.

  7. The increase of social insurance of the teaching staff and students;

  8. In order to improve the educational process, creating conditions for active participation of students in the public life of the University through universal, national-cultural and Patriotic education (increasing the number of students participating in cultural, social and sports activities of the University to 70%);

  9. Ensuring the growth of the number of masters student in biology, chemistry, ecology on the basis of advertising and propaganda works, forms and methods of career guidance during the admission process (increasing the intake of masters student to the level of at least 20%);

  10. Providing a high-quality education for students in the credit system of training in 14 bachelor's and 3 master's programs in full-time education.