Department of geography, tourism and water resources

Head of the Department
Alzhanova Roza Zhanasylovna
associate Professor, honorary worker of education


The Department of geography, tourism and water resources has 15 full-time teachers.

Faculty members

Mukhambetov Bolat
doctor of agricultural Sciences

Nurgaliyeva Gulshat Zhalgabayevna
candidate of geogr. Sciences

Baimukasheva Gaini Konysbayevna
candidate of pedagogical Sciences, senior teacher

Zhumagaziyev Arman Zakaryaevich
senior teacher

Karamyrziyeva Zhumagul Zhetkizgenovna
senior teacher

Kuzbolova Saktagul
masters, senior teacher

Aktaubayeva Zhanar Khamitovna
senior teacher

Mustafina Assemgul Zhanibekovna
masters, senior teacher

Taskaliyeva Gauhar Bolatovna
masters, senior teacher

Zhalelova Toigan Bolatovna
masters, teacher

Ondasynova Arai Amanbayevna
masters, senior teacher

The Department of geography, tourism and water resources conducts innovative research in 3 stages:

  • 1.Production and preservation of useful properties of camel alfalfa seeds of "Arkas" and "Sarayshyk" varieties

  • 2.Study of the properties and fertility of sorted alluvial-meadow soils on irrigated lands of Makhambet district of Atyrau region and the impact on the yield of forage crops cultivated on these lands

  • 3. Study of acclimatization of dung vegetation during landscaping of Atyrau city
  • On October 7, 2014, a branch of the Department of geography was opened in gymnasium No. 35. The Department presented visual AIDS, globes of the globe, atlases, methodological literature of Kazakhstan to the Department of the branch. The purpose of opening the branch is to develop dual education, introduce effective methods of teaching at school, and provide methodological assistance to classroom teachers. In accordance with the work plan of the Department's branch, students conduct seminars on geography on the topic "Methods of teaching geography at school" once a week.

    Department of "Geography, tourism and water resources"

    At Khalel Dosmukhamedov Atyrau State University holds a special place in the training of specialists with higher education in the Oil region - Atyrau region and in the Republic of Kazakhstan as a whole. Among them is the Department of geography, tourism and water resources-the Department of geography, tourism and water resources.

    The Department works in three main directions. These are areas of scientific, educational, and educational work. At the Department, under the guidance of teachers, students are engaged in scientific work in various areas. The teaching staff of the Department: doctor of agricultural Sciences Mukhambetov B., associate Professor Alzhanova R., candidate of geographical Sciences, Professor Nurgaliyeva G. Zh., candidate of pedagogical Sciences, Professor Baymukasheva G. K., as well as 5 senior teachers are masters.

    Educational and methodological work is largely associated with educational activities. In particular, various intellectual games with the participation of students, Republican Olympiads among students, excursions dedicated to the day of tourism, festive events, student art competitions, etc. are regularly held. In addition, the training will include field practices conducted according to the plan, production practices at leading enterprises, and economic and geographical practices in other regions of the country. In particular, students of the final year of the specialty tourism in the framework of the program "Atameken" had an internship at the recreation center "Burabay" in the Kokshetau region, in Astrakhan, West Kazakhstan region, Ankara, Turkey, the center of tourism.

    Our University enters into agreements with the largest educational institutions of the countries of the near and far abroad. Since September of this year, Aida Maratovna Dyusengali, a 2nd- year student of the specialty 5B090200-Tourism, has been studying for academic mobility at the University of Sakarya, Turkey.

    Highly qualified teaching staff from well-known universities of the country and foreign countries give lectures at subordinate departments of the specialty and share their experience. Professor of Kalmyk State University associate Professor, doctor of geographical Sciences G. E. Nastinova for graduate students, Abay Almaty State University doctor of geographical Sciences Adbimanopov B. Sh. for first-year students of geographical faculty, a lecture and shared his experience.

    The Department of geography, tourism and water resources is the only Department for the training and education of specialists with higher education. We invite you, dear graduates, to have a good future and strive for a bright future and a bright future together with one University Burden, to achieve high heights and achieve high results together.


    Department of geography, tourism and water resources
    +7 701 357 49 23
    060011 Atyrau, Student Ave., 212, academic building No. 1, 4th floor, 412 office