Department of biology and agricultural disciplines

Head of the Department
Atalikhova Gulfairuz Bissenovna
Candidate of technical Sciences


The Department of biology and agricultural disciplines employs 29 teachers.

Faculty members

Atalikhova Gulfairuz Bissenovna
candidate of biological Sciences, head of the Department

Adilbek Saparov Zeynollayevich
candidate of biol. Sciences, Professor

Kibasov Madi Kibasovich
K. f. N., senior teacher

Ishanova Natalya Yermekovna
candidate of biol. sciences, senior teacher

Kuspangaliyeva Khansulu Kuspangaliyevna
candidate of agriculture Sciences, associate Professor

Utepbergen Kosherbayevich Bissenov
candidate of biol. science, senior teacher

Sagyndykova Sofiya Zulkharnayevna
doctor of biol. science, Professor

Irzagaliyev Kosybek
doctor of agriculture science, Professor

Maden Sanshe Smetovna
senior teacher, master of biology

Saparova Gulnar Adilbekovna
can. biol. Science, associate Professor

Uteshkaliyeva Aigul Madeniyetovna
can. of ped. Science, associate Professor

Yerniyazova Kasiet Kabdrakhmanovna
associate Professor

Mukhatchieva Toigan Koshenovna
associate Professor, senior lecturer

Zhumatova Gulshat Gabitovna
master`s, senior teacher

Sultangaliyeva Altynai Shymyrbayevna
associate Professor, senior teacher

Zamzanova Nazerke Tasmuratovna
Master`s, teacher

Makhambet Moldir Kuanyshkaliyevna
Master`s, teacher

Rakhymgaliyeva Raikhan Aukhatovna
Master`s, teacher

Sakparova Aliya Konysovna
Master`s, teacher

Kopasheva Aiymgul Aitbayevna
Master`s, teacher

Dyusekenova Ainagul Bayganinovna

Berzhanova Magiya Izgaliyevna

Zhagyparova Zhanargul Zhaksylykovna

Kaliyeva Akmaral Yarollayevna

The Department of biology and agricultural disciplines conducts scientific and innovative work in the following directions: 1 - direction: obtaining new varieties of plants resistant to adverse biotic and abiotic factors of the environment (associate Professor Kh. K. Kuspangaliyeva); 2-direction: obtaining new types of beverages based on biotechnological methods (Professor Sagyndykova S. Z.); 3 - direction: cultivation, expansion and storage of collections of microorganisms and yeast for production purposes (senior teacher Tokabasova A. K.); 4 - direction: biotechnology of waste processing and technology of rational use of pasture lands (senior teacher M. Zh. Makhambetov).

On January 19, 2015, the faculty of natural science and the Department of biology and chemistry of the Khalel Dosmukhamedov Atyrau State University opened a new branch in the linguistic school-gymnasium No. 34. The goals of the branch are to improve the interaction of schools, provide methodological assistance to biology teachers, professional orientation among high school students, discuss current problems of biology at school and exchange experience, and solve learning problems.

Specialties of the Department of biology and agricultural disciplines

In order to support the policy of trilingualism of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, specialists are trained in Kazakh, Russian and English: 5B011300-Biology, 5B060700-Biology, 5B080100–Agronomy, 5B080200–Livestock production technology, 5B080400–Fisheries and industrial fishing. Also, for the purpose of deeper education in these specialties, higher education is provided in accordance with necessary specializations:

 The specialty is taught by 7 candidates of science, 2 doctors of science and masters of science.

Bachelor of education in the specialty 5B011300-Biology, 5B060700-Biology can perform the following professional activities:

  • education (pedagogical);
  • educational activities;
  • educational and technological;
  • socio-pedagogical;
  • experimental research;
  • organizational and management;
  • informational-communicational.

Students who have graduated from the specialty 5B080100-Agronomy can perform the following professional activities:

- organization and management of production processes in agriculture;

- production and technological activities in crop production and other works on intensive technology of cultivation of agricultural crops or resource saving and other economic activities;

- ability to correctly calculate the financial and labor resources for the production of crop production, mainly financial and economic activities;

- design in joint-stock companies, liability partnerships, industrial institutions.

Students who have graduated from the specialty 5B080200-Technology of production of livestock products can perform the following professional activities:

- technological organization: organization of high-quality production and reducing the cost of livestock products, planning, improving the quality of production, organization of grazing livestock and poultry on pastures and providing green tea in accordance with zoo-hygienic requirements, carrying out preventive measures to prevent infectious, non-infectious diseases and poisoning, depending on modern management technologies, preparation of feed for various groups of animals, assessment of their quality, quantitative feeding;

- production and management: breeding, genetic analysis, marketing and organization of sales of livestock products;

- participation in the planning and improvement of project breeding works in the development of necessary documents for the creation of production facilities for livestock and poultry;

- scientific-research work, experience in creating and improving breeds of farm animals and birds; development of technology for feeding and harvesting various feeds, checking the quality of feed and water; calculation of indicators of variability of characteristics of racial, quantitative, economically useful properties and the relationship between them; determination of heredity, origin of animals by blood groups and protein types.

  Students who have completed the specialty 5B080400-Fisheries and industrial fishing can perform the following professional activities:

- experimental research;

- organizational and managerial;



- training (pedagogical).

The Department of "Biology and agricultural disciplines" is a structural division of the faculty of natural and agricultural Sciences of Atyrau State University.

 Service charters and powers of the Department are determined by the organizational structure of management of higher educational institution, internal regulations, normative documents of MES of RK and the Law RK "About education".

The Department has the functions of organizing the selection and regulation of the staff structure, managing and determining the quality of the teaching staff, improving qualifications, distributing the teaching staff according to educational programs, regulating the load of personnel, creating conditions for professional growth, monitoring and evaluating the quality of the teaching staff, monitoring, organizing labor productivity.

The Department conducts scientific-research work of the faculty and students at a high level. Every year, the results of scientific-research work of the faculty and students of the Department are published in the collections of international and national conferences.

According to modern requirements Kh. Dosmukhamedov Atyrau State University is trained under the credit system of training. The following opportunities are available for bachelor`s programme majors of the Department:

  1. Recognition of diplomas of students who have graduated from higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the world level;
  2. Continuous opportunity to work abroad;
  3. Unlimited choice of subjects for self-study and training;
  4. Great opportunities to work in the ministries of agriculture, environmental protection, Geology and mineral resources, enterprises of the agricultural industry of the Republic, scientific-research, production and industrial institutions, factories and educational institutions.

Today, the Department of "Biology and agricultural disciplines" closely cooperates with all universities in Kazakhstan, Astrakhan State University of Russia, Kalmyk State University of the Republic of Kalmykia. In computer rooms connected to the Internet "Biology and agricultural disciplines" on the distance learning system, you can listen to lectures by professors of these universities. In addition, students have the opportunity to participate in Olympiads on the Department's specialties held annually at the International and national levels.

In the course of training, students receive information on the following subjects: Agrochemistry, soil science, soil reclamation, livestock production, food expertise, hydrology, fisheries hydraulic engineering, aquaculture, pond farming, etc.

Students who successfully complete these specialties will have the opportunity to enroll in master's and doctoral programs in order to expand their knowledge.


Department of biology and agricultural disciplines
+7 701 392 73 12
Atyrau, Student Ave., 212, academic building No.1, 4th floor, 415 office