Department of management

Head of the Department
Utalieva Raikhan Sagytzhankyzy
candidate of pedagogical Sciences


Профессорлық-оқытушылық құрамы

Уталиева Райхан Сагитжановна
педагогика ғылымдарының кандидаты, кафедра меңгерушісі

Таубаев Бактибек Джубандикович
ауылшаруашылығы ғылымдарының докторы

Блохин Анатолий Владимирович
тарих ғылымдарының кандидаты, профессор

Баймуханова Майя Тапашқызы
магистр,аға оқытушы

Гайсина Гульмира Жумабековна
магистр,аға оқытушы

Ермекбаева Айнур Конилхошқызы
магистр,аға оқытушы

Абузьярова Жанна Рафиковна
магистр, аға оқытушы

Кенжегалиева Гульбаршын Болатовна
магистр,аға оқытушы

Ералиева Айымгүл Алдабергеновна
магистр,аға оқытушы

Жолумбаева Райлы Маратовна
магистр, оқытушы

Ахмурзина Динара Орынбасаровна
магистр, оқытушы

"Мемлекеттік және жергілікті басқару"
"Менеджмент мамандықтарына білім беру бағдарламарын дайындау"


The Department of Management originates from the Department of Economic theory. The Department of economic theory was established in April 2001 by the order of the rector of Atyrau State University. Over the years, the Department has undergone many changes and since 2015, the Department was renamed the Department of Management. Currently, the Department trains competitive specialists in the field of management as part of the implementation of the Strategic plan of the University. The Department provides training in full-time, accelerated and distance learning in the following specialties: 6B04103-Economics and public administration and 6B04102-management in the industry. Since 2013, the Department has been headed by candidate of pedagogical Sciences. Heads Utalieva Raikhan Sagytzhankyzy. The Department has the necessary material and technical base for training future specialists. All educational and methodical auditoriums in specialized disciplines are equipped with new technology. These days, the Department has 1 doctor, 3 candidates of science and 9 masters, who make an invaluable contribution to the development of the intellectual and scientific potential of the country. The specialties that are prepared at the Department have passed the prestigious accreditation as NAAECO "ARQA" and have proven their quality. The Department also pays great attention to educational work and leisure activities of students in the following areas: professional orientation of students; Patriotic, physical, environmental, and moral education of young people. Students together with curators of groups take an active part in the social life of the University and the city. The Department works closely with international partners. In order to improve the quality of education and training of specialists, the Department sends its students to partner universities for academic mobility, professional development, short-and long-term experience, internships and joint projects. As part of the academic mobility program, the Department cooperates with national and foreign educational institutions: in 2015, students of the specialty "State and local administration" A. Muratova and A. Alibek. He studied at the Baltic Academy (Latvia).


Department of management
060011 Atyrau city, student Avenue, 212, building No. 4, 111 office