Head of the Department

Head of the Department
Sabirova Rysty Kuandykovna 
candidate of economic Sciences, associate Professor


2016-17 оқу жылында «Экономика» кафедрасында барлығы 23 профессор-оқытушы жұмыс жасайды.

Профессорлық-оқытушылық құрамы

Сабирова Рысты Куандыковна
экономика ғылымдарының кандидаты, кафедра меңгерушісі, қауымдастырылған профессор

Дюсегалиев Мухит Жоламанович
ауылшаруашылығы ғылымдарының докторы, қауымдастырылған профессор м.а., кафедра доценті

Кужиев Болат Сандыбаевич
экономика ғылымдарының кандидаты, аға оқытушы

Сулейменова Жанар Уразовна
Экономика ғылымдарының кандидаты, қауымдастырылған профессор міндетін атқарушы

Джумаева Айгуль Кабджановна
магистр,аға оқытушы

Тлепова Гульаим Бердигалиевна
магистр, аға оқытушы

Нурмашева Алия Сырымбаевна
магистр,аға оқытушы

Бисембиева Жанаргуль Курганышовна
магистр, аға оқытушы

Карамулдина Айнур Амангельдиевна
магистр, аға оқытушы

Тажиденова Айнур Рамазановна
магистр,аға оқытушы

Курмашева Светлана Олеговна 
магистр, аға оқытушы

Гайсина Акмарал Жумабековна
магистр, оқытушы

Мукашева Акмарал Джумаевна
аға лаборант

Масалимова Айгүл Қанатқалиевна
магистр, аға оқытушы

Зинуллина Айзада Ибраевна
магистр, аға оқытушы

Дингазиева Мейрамгуль Дузелбаевна
магистр, аға оқытушы

Косаева Клара Косаевна
аға лаборант

The Department of Economics, together with the Department of Informatics, has developed a joint educational program "Business Informatics" for the preparation of masters in the fields of Economy (6M050600) and Computer Science (6M060200) with qualification as Master of Science. The relevance of training Masters in the Business Informatics program is due to the importance of the interaction of business and information technology. This interaction requires knowledge in the areas such as project management, entrepreneurship, web development, data analysis, marketing, IT architecture, advanced knowledge of networks and security. The program provides its graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to maximize the potential of the Internet, digital and multimedia technologies. This knowledge of technologies will help them to achieve success in business and to be able to evaluate the work of the company from the inside, to eliminate shortcomings, optimize processes and bring the organization to a new qualitative level. The double-degree educational program "Business Informatics" is built on a modular basis. In addition, each partner department provides the development of modules, and their information, methodological and didactic support, training and certification of teachers
Also the following projects are operating at the Department of Economics: Doctor of Agricultural Sciences, Associate Professor M.Zh.Dyusegaliev, together with the Atyrau Branch of the South-West Research Institute of Animal Husbandry and Plant Growing is working on the projects such as “Development of effective selection methods by industry livestock breeding ”for 2018–2020. This project is under state budget program 267 “Improving the availability of knowledge and research ”under the subprogram 101 “Program-targeted financing of scientific agricultural research and activities ". Also Dyusegaliev M.Zh. is working with the professor of Kalmyk State University A.K. Natyrov on the project "New approaches to food production based on modern biotechnological and molecular genetic methods.".

The Department of Economics, working on the problem of providing competitive specialists in demand on the modern labor market, annually organizes the University's Open Day, as well as in the professional orientation of schoolchildren in the city and regions. The department plans to conduct vocational guidance not only for students, but also for applicants; conduct educational trainings for high school students during school visits; professional counseling for university graduates and specialists wishing to receive a second higher and postgraduate education. To expand the work in the field of vocational training and orientation, the department opened branches of the Department of Economics on the basis of the Atyrau branch of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs “Atameken” in 2018 (agreement No. 421 of 09/15/2018) and the Atyrau branch of the South-West Research Institute of Livestock and Crop Production ( Contract No. 299 dated January 8, 2018).


    The Department of Economics originally was founded on the 1st of September, 1995 as the Department of Economics and Management. The Department was renamed into the Department of Economics on the 26th of August, 2015 by the decision of the Academic Council of the University.
    The Department of Economics makes a significant contribution to the training and education of modern specialists, endowing each person with the qualitative economic knowledge necessary to ensure competitiveness in the labor market. Graduates of the Department of Economics are economists at our university and at the leading universities of the country, masters and bachelors of economics work at large enterprises, social and public services in both the western region and the country as a whole.
  Several people worked in the position of the head of the department since it started. In 1997-1999 academic years - G. Suyunbaeva, 1999-2000 academic years - G.Z. Nurushev, in 2000-2013 academic years - R. Sabirova, in 2013-2016 academic years - Adietova E.M. worked as the head of the Department.  Ph.D., associate professor Sabirova R.K has been supervising the work of the department since September 2016. They made invaluable services and a worthy contribution to the educational and pedagogical and research activities of the department.
   At different times many specialists form the business field were involved in the teaching process  at the department. These are some of them -  G. Suyunbaeva, Ph.D., Director of Caspian Engineering LLP; Nugmanov B.T. - Commercial Director of the Bank, G.K. Ababaeva - Associate Professor, Department of Management and Marketing, Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, A. Tankiev - Associate Professor, Narxoz University, Baimukhasheva M.K. - Doctor of Economics, Head of the Department of Economics, Management and Accounting of the Atyrau University of Oil and Gas, L. Izbasarova - Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Atyrau University of Oil and Gas, T. Salikhov - Ph.D., senior researcher, LLP "South-West Research Institute of Livestock and Crop Production", Khamidullin T. - Ph.D., head of the company in the city of St. Petersburg, Tagaybekova N.P. - PhD, senior Lecturer of the West Kazakhstan Innovation and Technology University, Shilibekova U.S. - Head of the international department of the ASU named after H. Dosmukhamedov, A. Idresov - Director of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Atyrau region "Atameken", G. Turagaliev - chief analyst of the Chamber of Entrepreneurs of the Atyrau region "Atameken".
     In 2017, professors of the department, Doctor of Agricultural Sciences M.Zh. Dyusegaliev was awarded an Honorary Diploma from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2019 he was awarded a Gold Medal for outstanding services in the agricultural sector from the Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  In 2017 Master of Economics and Business Zh.K. Bisembieva received a Letter of Thanks from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan.  In 2018 Ph.D. MukashevaA.Zh received the same kind of letter from the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2017 Sabirova R.K. was awarded the title of "The Best Teacher - 2017".


     The organization and activities of the department are carried out on the basis of qualification requirements established by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan. The main task of the department is to train highly qualified specialists not only for the Atyrau region, but also for the whole country as well.

    In May 2019 the Department of Economics passed specialized accreditation of specialties 5В050600-Economics and 6М050600-Economics by the Independent Agency for Accreditation and Expertise of Education Quality ARQA. This certificate is valid until May 29, 2024 (Certificates No. HE-SA 000066, No. HE-SA 000067)



Department of economics
060011 Atyrau city, student Avenue, 212, building No. 4, 107 office