January 2021

The kick-off meeting was divided into 3 days: January 18, February 2 and February 9. On the first day of the meeting, each of the project partners presented their universities.

Kh. Dosmukhamedov Atyrau University was represented by:

Aiman Mussayeva - Associate Professor of the Department of Finance and Accounting

Kansulu Utepkaliyeva - Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs

Gulbarshin Shambilova - Director of the Department of Strategic, International and Innovative Development

Rysty Sabirova - Head of the Department of Economics

Elmira Adietova - Dean of the Faculty of Economics

In general, the program of the online meeting for the project was built strictly on the basis of the project proposal. The goal was to explain and understand the overall project concept, objectives, deliverables, schedule, responsibilities, management and finance.