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Centre for lifelong learning in the interests of sustainable development at Atyrau State University named after H. Dosmukhamedov

The work of the center is organized within the framework of realization   «Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Development 574056-ERR-1-2016-1-Rl-ERRKA2-SVNE-sR» project on the international program Erazmus+, and also the University Development Strategy for 2017-2020.

The work of the center
The work of the center

The Center was opened by the order of the rector of Atyrau State University named after Kh. Dosmukhamedov No. 388/2 d of 07.11.2017. It is a part of Department of Development of Eco-Campus of the Atyrau State University and acts under the Charter ATGU, Provisions of the Lifelong Learning for Sustainable Development 574056-EPP-1-2016-1-PL-EPPKA2-CBHE-SP project, orders of the rector and the Provision of the center.

The work of the center
The work of the center

The center is managed by the head of the University’s Eco-Campus Development Department. At the moment, the Center’s work is carried out by the participants of the SusDev project - 2 people, employees of the Eco-Campus Development Department (3 people), Green Way club volunteers (6 university students). The teachers of innovative education, natural and agricultural sciences of faculties, persons of professional occupations are also involved in the work of the center.

The work of the center

The main objectives of the Center are:

  • the development of lifelong learning and the increasing role of universities in the field of lifelong learning, the development of ecological education;
  • analysis and application of the best practices and advanced experience in the sphere of transition to sustainable development;
  • increase in awareness of various groups of the population on the importance of "green skills", promoting of a model of sustainable development among the interested participants, including children, youth, scientific community, public organizations and the sector of the enterprises.

According to the assigned tasks and for the organization of effective activity the center carries out the following functions:

  • elaboration of the work plan of the Center for each year
  • development of training modules, teaching aids and manuals, and other learning tools, including distance, open educational resources;
  • organization and holding seminars, trainings and the new developed pilot courses;
  • implementation of projects in cooperation with the international organizations;
  • implementation of projects by request of government authorities, private business in the field of ecological education;
  • organization of ecological actions, eco-marathons for Atyrau region population;
  • implementation of social projects, the creation of eco-advertising with the call of the population to current environmental issues;
  • carrying out relevant activities in pre-school, school, vocational, higher education institutions of the Atyrau region to develop environmental thinking among students;
  • analyzing the researches on the practice of implementing sustainable development, which will further contribute to the formation of new ideas and actions;
  • receiving feedback, developing evaluation questionnaires, analyzing the results of events held in order to update the content of courses and preserve the high quality of trainings.

Classes at the Center with students
Classes at the Center with students

To expand the training opportunities of the center and provide intensive training, some students were selected for that they could undergo training to become trainers. During the learning year, trainers will conduct game trainings for schoolchildren and students, as well as for primary school teachers and nursery educators.

Classes at the Center with students
Classes at the Center with students

Since September 2017, the trainings have been held for university staff and, students. The educational seminars are held in the form of workshops and contribute to the active involvement of training participants.

In February 2018, “Learning for Sustainable Development” seminar was organized for teachers of the Faculty of Innovative Education.

Ecological Saturdays
Ecological Saturdays

In April 2018, "Training Course for Ecological Education Trainers " and "Sustainable development and ecological education of youth" seminars for coaches of the Center and students of Atyrau State University named after  Kh. Dosmukhamedov were held. As a result, a core team of trainers (6 people) was prepared, which will directly conduct trainings for stakeholders.

Environmental promotions

In the period June-September 2018, the project participants with the participation of university teachers of Faculty of Innovative Education were developing “ECO MIND” program in Russian and English languages for nursery educators. At the moment, this program is being translated into Kazakh language.

Classes in kindergarten

In October 2018 a mobile seminar for the educators of №24 “Happy childhood" nursery school was held. In addition, the approbation of “ECO MIND” program was carried out. In the period from April to June 2019, it is planned to hold similar mobile seminars in №9 and №48 nursery schools in Atyrau. The developed teaching aids and manuals will be applied at advanced training courses for nursery schools’ educators.

  In December 2018, for 4-year students and master students of  “Pre-school education and upbringing” and “Pedagogy and methods of primary education” specialties, training workshops were held on “green” skills and practical implementation of the foundations of sustainable development in the educational process when teaching them preschool children and primary pupils.

Lifelong Learning Center
Lifelong Learning Center

In January 2019, the training seminars on “green” skills and practical implementation of the developed disciplines in the educational process “Methods of teaching the fundamentals of sustainable development in pre-school institutions”, “Methods of teaching the fundamentals of sustainable development in elementary classes” were held for the teachers of preschool and primary education, also the Faculty of Economics and Law teachers. Before introducing in educational programs, the academic disciplines had been discussed at a meeting of the Educational and Methodological Council of the University.

the end of the training seminars certificates of participation were issued.

As a result the university teachers, students and master students gained knowledge and skills which will allow them to develop new competences in sustainable development. The received competences include skills for developing critical thinking, preparing and executing mini-projects, working in scrum teams, preparing pitches. On the basis of these competences the teachers will be able to develop new training programs and plans. After receiving these competencies, the students were able to develop start-up ideas and create eco-clubs. The seminars helped to improve the content of courses on ecology and sustainable development. The seminars helped to increase awareness of sustainable development and lifelong learning in the University environment, among stakeholders, increased interest in environmental friendliness and the introduction of "green" initiatives on the University campus.

Printed materials of the Center

The center for lifelong learning in the interests of sustainable development also prepares printed materials in the form of booklets and leaflets for distribution among students, the University staff, residents of Atyrau and Atyrau region, stakeholders.