Department history

The Department of Psychology left the Department of Pedagogy in 1986 and was formed as a university-wide Department of Psychology.

Members of the department who have held leadership activities since the formation of the department:
1982 Tokarev V.V., Khan N.N, 1983-1992 Aidaraliyev G.A, 1993-2000 Nurmukasheva S.K, 2000-2003, Janzakova Sh.I.2003-2006 Miraliyeva А.Zh.,2006-2009 Sabirova Zh.N, 2009-2014, Zhumasheva N.S., since 2014 Shugayeva G.K.

- Ensuring quality training of competitive personnel
- Modernization of the content of higher and postgraduate education in the context of world trends
- Creation of conditions for commercialization of research and technology results
- Improvement of management and monitoring of development of higher and postgraduate education
- Easy introduction of digital technologies in the educational process and implementation of project training methods
The main tasks of the faculty of the department are to prepare competitive, professionally and spiritually developed, new ideas

The main tasks of the faculty of the department are to prepare competitive, professionally and spiritually developed, new ideas.

The Department continues traditional work, activates new scientific directions in psychological terms. Holding regional, regional and city practical conferences, seminars, meetings at a round table became a good tradition. At the department today achieved results of students in republican Olympiads and research work on psychology. Currently, the department trains bachelor 's degrees in 6В03101 Psychology, 6В01101 Pedagogy and Psychology, 6В01901 Logopedia and qualified master 's degrees in 7М01101 Pedagogy and Psychology. Students trained in academic mobility program in Almaty and Aktobe shared their experience. According to the program of academic mobility Professor of Kalmyk State University, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences A. B Pankin on the proposal of the department visited our university and gave a lecture to students and master 's students. Professor, Head of the Department of Psychology S. N. Morazyuk of Moscow State Pedagogical University of held a training, a master class for teachers, students, masters.

The Breast sign of I.Altynsarin, the The Breast sign of K. D. Ushinsky, the The Breast sign "The Distinguished Person of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan" and the letters of gratitude of the Minister of Education and Science were marked by the members of the Department. The Young Psychologist Club established under the Department provides great professional assistance in any psychological problems, conflicts, understanding and making optimal decisions. In addition, the faculty of the department successfully defended project work with students on "Psychology of Leadership and Success," resulting in a certificate of copyright and the issue was published in the journal HAC, the journal Scopus.

Together with teachers and students of the department started projects "Problems of inclusive education in the Western region" and "Ways of suicide prevention," which is carried out for the purpose of dual education in branches of schools № 2, 6 of Atyrau through questionnaires, trainings and research works.

The Department 's Laboratory of Psycho-Pedagogical Technologies conducts various online webinars with universities of Kazakhstan, as well as meetings and seminars with psychologists of law enforcement agencies, medical institutions and schools of the city and the region on topical issues of psychological service.