Department history

The Department of "Finance and accounting" is a structural division of the faculty of Economics and law of ATSU.

The Department of "Finance and credit" was established in September 1999 on the basis of the order of the rector of Kh. Dosmukhamedov Atyrau state University. In connection with the opening of the specialty "accounting and audit", the Department "Finance, credit and accounting" was renamed the Department "Finance and accounting".

Since its creation and formation, the Department has made a significant contribution to the training and education of highly qualified professional personnel for the financial and banking system of the Western region, including graduates of the Department-scientists and economists, heads of large production organizations, as well as banking and insurance institutions.

As head of the Department in the 1995-2006 academic year-G. N. Suleimenova, 2006-2009 academic year candidate of Economics A.A. Musayeva, 2009-2012-academic year candidate of Economics K.M. Utepkaliyeva, 2012-2015 academic year candidate of economics A. A. Musayeva, 2015-2016 academic year-master Kenzhegalieva Z. Zh., 2016-2019 academic year- candidate of Economics Adiyetova E. M., until the second half of the 2019-2020 academic year, the Department is headed by doctor PhD Kenzhegalieva Z.Zh. They contribute to the teaching and scientific-research activities of the Department.

At different times the Department for conducting academic disciplines were involved practitioners, of which Kulbarakov K. A. - candidate of economic Sciences, Director of the Atyrau branch of National Bank of Kazakhstan; Shamuratov T. M. is a professional auditor; Dyusenov B. T. - candidate of economis Sciences, associate Professor, 1999-2008-the Chairman of the Atyrau regional Committee of state property and privatization of Ministry of Finance, today head of the sector for personnel management of shock Committee for control over execution of the Republican budget of Kazakhstan; In addition, a significant contribution to the establishment and development of the Department made Suleimenova G. N. - candidate of economic Sciences, Dean of natural-geographical faculty M. Utemissov WKSU, Slobodyan V. V. -senior teacher, Nugmanov B. T. - teacher, now Director of the branch of JSC "AsiacreditBank" in Almaty, Bikteubayeva A. S. - candidate of economic Sciences, today head of the Department of accounting at the University "Turan", Rakayeva A. N. - candidate of Economics, associate Professor of chair "Accounting, audit and analyse" ENU L. Gumilev.

The organization and activities of the Department is carried out on the basis of qualification requirements, approved by the MES of RK. The main task of the Department is to train highly qualified specialists not only for the Atyrau region, but also for the entire financial system of the country as a whole.

Preparation of bachelors of Economics and business in the specialties 5B050900 Finance, 5B050800 accounting and audit, which are the main activities of the Department, has been carried out since 1995. State license for training of bachelors on specialties 5B050900 Finance, 5B050800-accounting and audit Committee for control in education and science MES of RK dated 02.07.2008. AB № 0062189. Bachelor's degree programs are provided by the credit system of education in the state and Russian languages in full-time, evening and distance learning.

In the conditions of industrial and innovative development of the economy, the profession of accountant and financier is one of the most important, difficult, but popular professions. Accounting and Finance are the most popular majors in all universities around the world.

Students who study under the educational program 5B050900 Finance, 5B050800-accounting and audit, in the course of training receive not only theoretical and practical knowledge, but also research methods that provide highly qualified specialists of the financial and banking system that meet the needs of the region and the labor market of the country.

Professional opportunities of accountants and financiers are widely spread in specialized structures, i.e. state bodies, institutions and organizations of all forms of ownership, management bodies of state regulation of the economy in market infrastructure units, research institutions.

The knowledge gained during training in these specialties allows not only to successfully engage in the above-mentioned activities, but also to further adapt to possible changes in the theory and practice of Kazakhstan's accounting system, are able to exercise professional potential at a high level, are able to combine social competence and civic activity, with a high professional level, be ready to take responsibility, are able to adapt to possible changes in theory and practice.

Graduates of the specialty "Finance" can carry out professional, analytical and Advisory activities at enterprises of all forms of ownership and spheres of activity, financial authorities, banking institutions, financial and investment companies.

Graduates of the specialty "accounting and audit" can conduct financial, economic and managerial activities in organizations, including business operations; prepare financial and tax statements in accordance with IFRS; conduct an audit and analysis of financial statements in accordance with ISA.

For the purpose of professional training and organization of educational, production, and pre-graduate practice of qualified specialists, a Memorandum of cooperation was adopted with the bases of practices, including "Nurkanat" LLP, "Tride" LLP, "Reservoir Surveillance Services" LLP, "Weststroyluksinternational" LLP, "Accounting Business Solutions" LLP, "Denholm Zholdas" LLP, "Intellekto" LLP, "Potential oil" LLP, "KazMunayGas Onimderi" LLP, "Agat" LLP, "Merkur" LLP, "Anaco" LLP, "Zhuma-San" LLP.

The effectiveness of professional practice is confirmed by the level of employment of graduates, the development of the main aspects of financial and banking activities, the deepening of knowledge obtained during theoretical training, the development of practical skills of independent work in the specialty, the collection of materials for research and graduation work.

The effectiveness of professional practice shows two main criteria. The first is a high level of practical knowledge and skills acquired during professional practice. The second criterion is the use of knowledge obtained in practice, including statistical data, in writing the thesis.

Since 2011, students of the specialty Finance, accounting and audit have been trained in the Atyrau Institute of oil and gas, T. Ryskulov KazEU, the Baltic Academy, Latvia for academic mobility.

Within the framework of academic mobility, PhD students Abrakhim Altonoyan and Grishina N.P., Professor of Brunel University - from foreign universities were invited to the Department in order to teach disciplines and exchange experience.

The Department has a sufficient material and technical base for the implementation of educational programs. The structure, composition and quantity of technical resources of laboratories are determined by the mandatory quality assurance of the educational process and all other processes and the statutory activities of the University, working curricula, educational, work programs of disciplines, plans of educational, teaching and research works and other documents in accordance with the law.

The University has a sufficient amount of modern resources at the disposal of undergraduate educational programs-classrooms, computer equipment and software, financial resources, access to an international database of research results, professional practices and employment systems, textbooks and materials, etc.Students have free access to structured, organized information on the subjects studied.

In October 2017, the University opened an innovative type of activity of the University - Business incubator and coworking "i-Space", aimed at creating an entrepreneurial culture and skills among students, startups and promoting the growth of new companies at the initial stage of development.

More than 30 classrooms, 8 computer classes, the office "taxes and taxation", the office "1C: Accounting" and others are involved in training students in their specialties. All classrooms are equipped with technical training facilities: LSD projectors, interactive whiteboards, multimedia projectors, furniture and stands. For the participants ABOUT the created favorable conditions for training and accommodation, including that provided in halls of residence.
The University strives to constantly update the material and technical base and work with modern equipment for educational programs.

For high-quality training of students majoring in 5B050900-Finance, 5B050800-accounting and audit, there is a Cabinet "taxes and taxation" and a Cabinet "1C Accounting", which provides visual materials on the basic concepts of tax reforms in the country, the study of aspects of building the tax system and taxation, as well as the study of aspects of building the tax system and taxation and the economic content of the functions and principles of the tax and tax system of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Classrooms No. 401, 402, 404, 406 are equipped with technical training tools: LSD projectors, interactive whiteboards. For conducting classes using new technologies, there are 8 computer classes, each of which is connected to a local network and has 20 computers with unlimited Internet.

The library is equipped with a system of reference search of the Law of the RK "On accounting and financial reporting", the Law "On audit activity", Tax code of Kazakhstan "On taxes and other obligatory payments to the budget", Law "On approval of Rules of accounting", the law "On banks and banking", electronic information and a reference database of normative documents by which the students of the specialty "Account and audit" have the opportunity to get acquainted with legal acts.

Teachers of the Department have completed scientific training in foreign universities in Singapore, Germany, the United States, Switzerland, South Korea, and China. Senior teachers of the Department, candidate of Economic Sciences Utepkalieva K.M., candidate of Economics Adiyetova completed a scientific internship under the Bolashak Presidential program. In particular, the following teachers of the Department have improved their professional qualifications at the international level: candidate of Economics Akhmetova G. T., master Sisengalieva Sh. B. (Weiterbildungskurs: Fuhrungspsychologie und Personalmanagement, management in education, Germany, Dusseldorf, advanced training courses, July 6-19, 2013), candidate of Economics A. A. Musayeva (foreign professional training in the courses "leadership and innovation in education, culture and entrepreneurship", advanced training courses; the USA, July 9-21, 2014, program "strategic management in higher education: international trends and experience of South Korea", South Korea, Daejeon, April 27-may 7, 2015), candidate of economic Sciences, associate Professor Utepkalieva K. M. (advanced training Program for managers (top managers) of higher educational institutions of the Republic of Kazakhstan, advanced training program (managers), June 9-July 18, 2014 Nazarbayev school, Astana, has passed a scientific training at the University of Dusseldorf. Heinrich Heine program "quality Management in higher education", certificate, Germany, 26.11 -- 10.12.2019, a scientific internship at the University of Poitiers to improve professional and pedagogical skills, 17-21 June 2019, France, a scientific internship at the Beijing College of information technology within the framework of the concept Of the Association "one belt one road", 21 October - 1 November 2019 A. A. Adiyetova (research internship in Economics and management of the national economy, Switzerland, 2012, "leadership and innovation in education, culture and entrepreneurship", Montana State University, Boseman, Seattle Pacific University, Washington, USA, 2014, "quality management in education", Heinrich Heine University, Germany, 2015, "Quality management in Education in Germany", Germany, Dusseldorf University. Heinrich Heine, Germany, 11.10-20.10.2017).

In the 2017-2018 academic year, senior teachers of the Department A.S. Idelbayeva, master Dariskalieva M.S., candidate of economic Sciences K. M. Utepkalieva, master A. Zh. Yeskalieva, master L. K. Sanalieva passed courses on criteria assessment of knowledge of students of the Institute of advanced training "Orleu".

In the 2017-2018 academic year, teachers of the Department master Sisengalieva Sh. B., master Kanatova A. Zh., master Dariskalieva M. S. in the 2018-2019 academic year V. V. At the Yessenov Caspian State University of technology and engineering held a seminar on academic mobility.

Innovative teaching technologies have been introduced to cover all types of education (lectures, laboratory and practical seminars, seminars), are demonstrated and controlled by interactive devices using multimedia training systems, which will allow solving problems at a fundamentally new information level. The Department conducts open classes and seminars on the introduction of new technologies using modern technologies. A branch of the Department operates JSC DB JSC Sberbank (agreement on cooperation in training dated November 27, 2014), JSC Eurasian Bank (agreement on cooperation in training dated November 25, 2016 No. 30), JSC ATFBank (agreement on cooperation in training dated November 25, 2016 No. 28).

The Department is strengthening the staff. In 2013, the senior teacher of the faculty, M. S. Dariskalieva, received an academic degree of Master of Finance in the specialty 6M050900-Finance. M. Kh. Dulati Taraz State University received in 2015 teacher Akhmetov A. S. He graduated from Narkhoz University in Almaty in the target direction of doctoral studies in the specialty 6D050800-accounting and audit. In 2016, Kenzhegalieva Z. Zh. Nur-Sultan In 2017, senior teacher Igaliyeva L. N. entered the doctoral program of the Gumilev ENU in the specialty 6D050600-Economics. In addition, senior teachers Sanalieva L. N. and Yeskalieva A. Zh. At S. Toraigyrov PSU, she was accepted by doctoral students in the specialty 6D050600-Economics.

The following faculty members of the Department are Candidate of Economics. Musayeva Ayman Amangeldiyevna winner of the state grant "Best teacher of 2013", Candidate of Economics Adiyetova Elmira Mizamgaliyevna winner of the state grant "Best teacher of 2016", Candidate of Economics Utepkaliyeva Kansulu Musayevna is the owner of the state grant "Best teacher of 2018". Senior teachers of the Department Candidate of Economics Utepkaliyeva K.M., Adiyetova E.M. Certificate of honor of the Ministry of education and science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, master Aldeshova S. B. Awarded a letter of thanks.

Senior teachers of the Department Khamidullina Zh. B., master Dariskalieva M. S. Awarded the title of "Honorary teacher of Kazakhstan" of the National innovative scientific-research center "civilization of education" (Nur-Sultan, 2019). Senior teachers of the Department Candidate of Economics Adiyetova E. M., master Aldeshova S. B., master of Kanatova A.Zh. Awarded the first degree Diploma of the national innovation scientific-research center "Civilization of education" -2019. In addition, other teachers of the Department take part in the work of the akimat of the region, the city, the rector, etc. He was awarded certificates of honor and letters of thanks.

Teachers of the Department develop and produce educational and methodological manuals on academic disciplines. In addition, students use electronic textbooks as additional methodological and educational assistants.

In the 2015-2016 academic year, the textbook "Accounting in agriculture" (Musayeva A. A., Aldeshova S. B., Bikteubayeva A. S. Almaty: Narkhoz University, 2016), monograph "human capital and social services infrastructure" in the 2017-2018 academic year (Candidate of Economics Adiyetova E. M.), Accounting in the 2018-2019 academic year (Candidate of Economics Adiyetova E. M., master Aldeshova S. B.), textbooks on the basics of accounting (master Aldeshova S. B.), issues of investment and innovation support of the agricultural sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan (Candidate of Economics Adiyetova E.M., master Kanatova A.Zh.) monograph 2019-2020 academic year, "Theoretical issues of international economic enhancement" (Candidate of Economics Utepkaliyeva K. M.), "Public-private partnership in healthcare: foreign and Kazakhstan experience of the organization" (Candidate of Economics Utepkaliyeva K. M.), "Enterprise Economics" monographs (candidate of Economics K. M. Utepkalieva) are published. Senior teachers of the Department Sh.B. Sisengalieva, Candidate of Economics A. A. Musayeva, Candidate of Economics K. M. Utepkalieva received the author's certificate No. 3145 dated 22.12.2017 for the scientific work "methodology of teaching accounting "5SIS", which is actively implemented in the teaching of disciplines of the specialty 5B050800-accounting and audit.

Senior teacher of the Department, Candidate of Economics A.A. Musayeva is one of the authors of the scientific work "training of actuaries on BLI technology", approved by No. 838 of 26.04.2017. copyright, implemented in the educational process from 2017-2018 academic year in the preparation of masters is the author of the scientific work "development of actuaries on BLI technology".

Since 2017, Professor of the Department, Candidate of Economics Musayeva A. A. participates as a specialist in the commercialization of the project "creation of green energy (biogas) and environmentally friendly products (biowaste) based on the processing of poultry farm waste using innovative technologies" (contract No. 453 of November 17, 2017).

Since 2018, senior teacher of the Department, PhD doctor Kenzhegalieva Z. Zh. Member of the project АР05134552 "Economic evaluation of investment projects on modernization of housing and communal services of the Republic of Kazakhstan", appointed by the Committee of science of Ministry of education and science under the program "grant financing of scientific research in 2018-2020" in "Mangilik El".

Since 2020, acting associate Professor of the Department, doctor of PhD Kenzhegalieva Z.Zh., candidate of Economics Musayeva A.A. Participates in the intra-University competition of scientific projects of the Kh. Dosmukhamedov Atyrau State University "Economic mechanism of development of housing and communal services in ensuring environmental safety (on the example of Atyrau)". As a continuation and deepening of the educational process, the Department organizes scientific work of students. From 2013 to the present, the Department has a student scientific circle "expert". Members of the expert circle take an active part in student scientific conferences of the University, national subject Olympiads, national competition for the best work of students, International meeting of young scientists and students, international forums of young scientists (Sochi, Yekaterinburg, Russia), scientific competitions, international Internet championship "Money", organized by "VEP" (Russia, Yekaterinburg). Students were awarded diplomas and letters of thanks.